American Self Defense

Instructor: Johnny H. Miller
American with Masters in Exercise Physiology
Black Belt Self Defense Instructor
Miami Police Academy Instructor
Florida Correction Officer
Kentucky Deputy Jailor

I have been teaching Self Defense for 40 years. Many of my ideas have changed in that time.
Many of the techniques and ways of training that I learned are not useful in the modern world.
As Deputy Jailor and Florida Correctional Officer I have experience with high-risk environments.
My training and teaching at the Miami Police Academy helped me develop practical skills.

I never teach students to punch. Boxers never punch without supporting the fist. They wrap and tape it.
Martial Artists angle the fist. The fist is unstable and there is no way to generate maximum power with the fist.
Try pushing a car with the fist. One of the two muscle groups on the wrist will fail and it will bend one way
or the other. We use the backfist or a hooking palm which uses only one side of the two muscles groups.

I don't teach combinations. Each attack is generated with full power. At the end of an attack you don't know
where you will be and where your attacker will be. Concentrate on power and see where are when the time
comes. You need to look for the next opening in their defense. That is where you need to attack next.

I have a designed a program that gives the most useful and least complicated moves first. Belts are colored.

1. Yellow Belt - Attacks, vulnerable points of body.
2. Blue Belt - Attacks, training Principles, Muscular System
3. Green Belt - Attacks, multile opponents, reaction time.
4. Brown Belt - Throws and ground fighting, Nervous System
5. Brown 2nd - Stick fighting, Skeletal System Anatomy.
6. Brown 1st - Knife fighting, Circulatory System Anatomy
7. Black Belt - Disarming